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Brechin Film Festival

Brechin, Angus
16 November 18
This event has ended.

Angus' first ever film festival

Date: 16 November 18 — 18 November 18 | Report this event.

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The King’s Cinema was opened in October 1927. Seating was provided in stalls and circle levels. It had a 20 feet wide proscenium, and was equipped with a RCA sound system with 820 seats.The King’s Cinema was closed in October 1985. It was converted into a nightclub named Flicks and was later Arena Nightclub. The Building can still be found on the bottom of the High Street.

Friday 16th November: The Party’s Just Beginning (2018)
Show Time – 7:30pm Runtime 1hr 31minutes, Age Rating 15

The Party’s Just Beginning is a 2018 British-American comedy drama film, written and directed by Karen Gillan. It stars Gillan, Lee Pace, Matthew Beard, Paul Higgins and Siobhan Redmond


Saturday 17th November: Brave (2012)
Show Time – 10:30am Runtime 1hr 33 minutes Age Rating PG

Merida (Kelly Macdonald), the impetuous but courageous daughter of Scottish King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), is a skilled archer who wants to carve out her own path in life. Her defiance of an age-old tradition angers the Highland lords and leads to chaos in the kingdom. Merida seeks help from an eccentric witch (Julie Walters), who grants her an ill-fated wish. Now, Merida must discover the true meaning of courage and undo a beastly curse before it’s too late.

BraveHeart (1995)
Showtime 1:00pm, Comedy, Crime, Runtime 2 hr 58 min, Age Rating 15

William Wallace is the medieval Scottish patriot who is spurred into revolt against the English when the love of his life is slaughtered. Leading his army into battles that become a war, his advance into England threatens King Edward I’s throne before he is captured and executed, but not before becoming a symbol for a free Scotland.

The Edge of The World (1937)
Showtime 5:00pm, Drama, History, Romance, Runtime 1 hr 20 min, Age Rating U

The people of St. Kilda, a tiny Scottish island, have maintained the same simple lifestyle for generations. When the younger adults that inhabit the island begin to leave for more satisfyingly modern lives, the elders start to realize that their culture is disappearing. While James Gray (Finlay Currie), an important figure in the tiny community, grows pessimistic about the future of St. Kilda, his son, Andrew (Niall MacGinnis), is one of the few young people who refuse to desert their homes.

Sunset Song (2015)
Showtime 7:00pm, Drama, Runtime 2 hr 15 min, Age Rating 15

At the dawning of the Great War, a young daughter of a farmer endures the hardships of rural Scottish life as she comes of age, based on the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

The Wicker Man (1973)
Showtime 10:00pm, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Runtime 1 hr 28 min, Age Rating 18

Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) arrives on the small Scottish island of Summerisle to investigate the report of a missing child. A conservative Christian, the policeman observes the residents’ frivolous sexual displays and strange pagan rituals, particularly the temptations of Willow (Britt Ekland), daughter of the island magistrate, Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee). The more Sergeant Howie learns about the islanders’ strange practices, the closer he gets to tracking down the missing child.

Sunday 18th November:The Water Horse (2007)
Showtime 10:30am,  Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Runtime 1 hr 52 min, Age Rating U

On the shore of Loch Ness, Scotland, Angus (Alex Etel) finds an unusual egg. When it hatches, it releases an unexpected surprise: a water horse, the legendary creature from Scottish mythology. While the boy tries to keep its existence hidden from his mother (Emily Watson), he and his new pet, Crusoe, quickly become inseparable. But as the water horse grows larger, eventually becoming the fabled Loch Ness monster, Angus must protect his friend from those who would want to do it harm.

I am Breathing (2013)
Showtime 1:00pm, Documentary, Runtime 1 hr 12 min, Age Rating 15

Filmmakers follow the decline and eventual death of Neil Platt, a 33-year-old Scottish architect diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Breaking the Waves (1996)
Showtime 3:00pm, Drama, Runtime 2 hr 39 min, Age Rating 18

In a small and religious coastal town, a simple, devoutly religious Scottish woman, Bess McNeill (Emily Watson), finds a partner in an oil rig worker from Norway, Jan Nyman (Stellan Skarsgard). However, the relationship grows strained when Nyman breaks his neck in a horrific work accident on the rig and becomes paralyzed. Unable to perform sexually and suffering mentally from the accident as well, Jan convinces Bess to have sex with other men, which she comes to believe is God’s work.

Edie (2018)
Showtime 7:00pm, Drama,Runtime 1 hr 42 min, Age Rating 12A

After her controlling husband dies, an elderly woman embarks on a trip to fulfill her longtime dream of climbing a mountain in the Scottish Highlands.




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Event Location: Swan Street, Brechin DD9 6EE, UK

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