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08 June 19

Makers & artists in action

Date: 08 June 19 — 23 June 19 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person


Bucks Art Weeks is an annual event held in June every year where artists and makers all over the county open their studios or hold exhibitions and events showcasing and demonstrating their work. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand the creativity going on around Buckinghamshire. Bucks Art Weeks is run by the Visual Images Group, an alliance of over 600 artists and makers living and working in the county.

Bucks Art Weeks 2018 is now over (it took place from 9th to 24th June 2018). You can still see all the entries online.

Bucks Art Weeks 2019 will take place from 8th to 23rd June 2019.

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Event Location: Buckinghamshire, UK

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