Kendal Mountain Literature Festival forms part of the award-winning Kendal Mountain Festival, which takes place here in Kendal each November.

Date: 19 November 20 — 22 November 20 | Report this event.

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Expect a diverse programme of events featuring some of the UK’s foremost authors of nature, landscape and mountain literature. You’ll be entertained and inspired by the mix of authors gathering to share their work, which ranges from non-fiction to fiction and includes poetry as well as art from the ‘Outdoor’ genre.

We’ve grown our Literature Festival to become an interwoven and much loved part of the Festival weekend and each year we host a selection of wonderful wordsmiths and artists.

Spoken-word, photography, poetry, autobiography, illustration – through its many wonderful forms – literature and art awakens our imagination and transports us to landscapes on all corners of our planet. 

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Event Location: Kendal, UK

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