Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary

Date: 06 January 20 — 27 December 20 | Report this event.

Entrance Price Adults £5, Children £1 Per person

We are a registered charity that rescues unwanted pet pigs and give them a safe and loving home. From little acorns that started 11 years ago with my own pet pigs, cementing my bond, knowledge and passion, a sanctuary has grown for these highly intelligent animals.

We have been rescuing pet pigs for 3 years now and have grown rapidly both as a respected rescue centre and a learning, education and wellbeing centre. We have links with both national and local animal rescue organisations. We also have links with education, learning and additional needs centres.

We have grown as an education, learning and wellbeing centre alongside our purpose of rescuing these animals and harmoniously incorporate porcine and human care together.

The pigs that come to us may have been mistreated, neglected, abandoned or have lost their homes or aren’t as ‘micro’ as people initially thought or have been led to believe. The only other option for them is usually euthanasia. We take these animals and rehabilitate them socially, emotionally and physically, where needed, rehoming them where possible and if this isn’t an option, they stay with us for the rest of their natural lives in a safe, tranquil and caring environment.

Forming trust bonds and improving social behaviour is a very important part of the sanctuary and by incorporating visits and tours, the animals grow in their confidence and wellbeing too.

The sanctuary sits in 6 acres of land in the heart of Buckinghamshire and is a peaceful and tranquil environment. It’s been called the Happy Place by many.

We welcome schools, the scout and guide movement, enrichment and confidence building for children and adults with additional needs, the elderly and respite visits, take private tours and visits, unique parties, one-to-one sessions for people with diagnosis of autism, anxiety and other needs. We also take work experience students, graduates, farm college students, DofE placements and larger volunteer groups.

We take learning journeys for teaching purposes that are age appropriate and can be curriculum based. We also offer education and advice so that people can make their own informed choices about these animals.

A micro pig isn’t a breed of pig, it is a class of pig. A micro pig when fully grown can weigh up to 24 stone! A regular fully grown pig can weigh up to 40 stone. A micro pig is only micro (which conjurs up images of small or tiny) in terms of size when it is a piglet. It is classed as micro next to a regular pig. 

Please do visit and research before buying a micro pig, they are often mis-sold by people suggesting that they don’t get much bigger than a Labrador. Some don’t, some do, no-one can ever guarantee the size that your micro pig will end up being. It’s in the GENES! Even if your micro pig doesn’t get much bigger than a large dog, please remember, they are 10 times as strong, 10 times as wilful and 10 times as mischievous! They make fantastic pets if they are kept in the right environment and have the right care. They are, however, not a dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit.

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Event Location: 19 Drayton Road, Newton Longville, Milton Keynes MK17 0BH, UK

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