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Midsomer Norton, Bath and North East Somerset
11 November 19

Midsomer Norton Carnival is the largest community event in the Somer Valley

Date: 11 November 19 — 11 November 19 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

We’re a small registered charitable 100% voluntary organisation based in Midsomer Norton, Somerset set up to organise an Illuminated Carnival for the local people of Midsomer Norton and the District which takes place in November each year. As well as promoting community cohesion and togetherness through our event we also seek to support local good causes and charities.

Roads on the main routes are closed prior to and during each event.

It’s claimed that the Somerset carnivals are the largest illuminated processions in the world. And if you’ve been to a Somerset carnival you’ll know that it’s hard to argue otherwise. Carnival ‘carts’ are built and designed by carnival clubs around the county. Taking months to complete, these really are a labour of love and can cost thousands of pounds to produce.


Each cart has a theme. The largest will be up to 100 feet in length and illuminated with thousands of bulbs. Carnival club members ride on the carts in fancy dress, often dancing/juggling/singing to pounding music. Hundreds of carts can take part in each of the processions, so a Somerset carnival can easily last for a couple of hours. Carts are judged and prizes awarded at each event.

The amount of entries to each carnival can vary as a few of the carts can be too long to naviagate some of the local streets.

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Event Location: The Island, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 2HQ, UK

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