Cotswold Olimpicks

The home of the Shin-kicking World Championships, as seen on TV

Date: 03 June 22 — 03 June 22 | Report this event.

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..Events come and go; the novelty passes.  But Robert Dover’s Games continue to attract crowds to Dover’s Hill on a late May or early June evening.  One may ask why and offer emotional reasons.  the setting has its romantic qualities.  the sound of a band, particularly a pipe band, echoing across a hillside can be haunting.  Bearing a torch aloft can evoke the past.  Combine all three elements in the procession from the hillside as darkness falls and one can feel part of the agelessness of ways in which people have always enjoyed themselves.”

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Event Location: Dover's Hill, Weston Subedge, Chipping Campden, UK

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