Egremont Crab Fair and World Gurning Championships

The modern-day fair is held on the third Saturday in September and is eagerly awaited by the whole community.

Date: 16 September 22 — 17 September 22 | Report this event.

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Situated on the West Cumbrian coast, only a few miles from the western fringe of the Lake District National Park, is the small market town of Egremont. Every year the townsfolk of Egremont hold an annual celebration after harvest time, known as The Crab Fair. The events held are traditional and do not involve the mechanised swings and roundabouts which became part of so many fairs from the late nineteenth century.

The Crab Fair was first held in 1267. It is believed that the traditional fair has been held continuously since this time, except for unavoidable interruptions during the War years. The Lord of Egremont started a tradition of giving away crab apples, from where the fair gets its name. The tradition continues to this day with the Parade of the Apple Cart, where apples are thrown to the crowds which throng the Main Street. The modern day fair commences with a number of sporting events. Cumberland wrestling, an ancient and traditional lakeland sport, features prominently. The rest of the day’s amusements include the celebrated World Gurning Championship where contestants pull ugly faces through a horse collar or ‘braffin’, a pipe smoking event and the singing of hunting songs.

Fun starts 12pm

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Event Location: Egremont, UK

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