Scarborough Skipping Day

Scarborough’s famous seafront skipping on Shrove Tuesday in the South Bay

Date: 16 February 21 — 16 February 21 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

In Scarborough Shrove Tuesday has been known as ‘Skipping Day’ for almost a century.

Originating from an older tradition known then as ‘Ball Day’ – a public holiday when apprentices and servants would join one and other to play games on the foreshore – ‘Scarborough’s Skipping Festival’ has taken place for around 100 years. Known today by its more informal name of ‘Skipping Day’, the tradition is thought to have gained its name from the children who joined in the fun and games with their skipping ropes. Every year on Shrove Tuesday, Scarborough closes the Foreshore Road to allow people to partake in the town’s tradition of skipping. This has been an annual tradition for over 100 years and it gives adults a chance to mess around on the seafront without feeling childish!
The other custom which is still observed at Scarborough is the ringing of the Pancake Bell. The bell is usually rung by the Mayor.
Not to feel left out by other Pancake Day races, Scarborough now also hosts a race at South Bay from 12 noon.

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Event Location: Scarborough, UK

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