World Bogsnorkelling Championships

35th Annual Event

Date: 28 August 22 — 28 August 22 | Report this event.

Entrance Price Entry fees are £15 for seniors (aged over 18) and £12 for juniors (aged 14 to 17). Per person

It may sound mad but it is challenging and fun.  The main competition is open to any over 14 yrs of age

There is also a childrens event nearby for over 8’s

Various categories Overall winner , Male , Female , Junior and O’50 s  plus an international bogsnorkeller  prize . In addition to these there are trophies for costume .

All competing for the World Championship Trophy will need to snorkel two lengths of a 60yd long trench cut into a peat bog . Fastest time wins

There are rules the main ones being that you need wear flippers and a mask and snorkel , Snorkel with face in the water , then no recognised swimming stroke  is permitted so competitors are reliant on leg power and balance.A copy of the rules is available , ask by email.

The present record holder is a young lady Kirsty Johnson so this is indeed an equal opportunities sport.

A fun event free for spectators but a small parking fee may apply.
Though a park free and ride service from Town is available.

Refreshment tents and live music give this a happy feeling




Additional Information

Event Location: Llanwrtyd Wells, UK

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