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Free From Festival ’19 (OXFORD)

Oxford, Oxfordshire
30 March 19

Indulge your sweet tooth

Date: 30 March 19 — 30 March 19 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

This Easter, The Chocolate Festival comes to the historic Broad Street in Oxford for a gastronomic celebration of all things chocolate. The highlights are:

Sample the delights of Master Chocolatiers Damian Allsop and Paul Wayne Gregory
Chat to Britain’s best artisan chocolate producers
Snap up delectable Mother’s day and Easter gifts for family and friends
Taste your way through sweet and savoury chocolate dishes
Learn how to become a chocolate connoisseur at a tutored chocolate tasting session

Celebrate the tasty world of chocolate at this multi-sensory event.

If you thought chocolate was just something you ate, think again. The unmistakable smell of cocoa might be the thing that lures you through the doors of this tasty festival, but once inside there’s a whole other reason to stay put. Not only are there tasting sessions to get your teeth into, but you can also find out about chocolate’s many health benefits too.

Yes, believe it or not, dark chocolate is good for you, containing anti-oxidants in droves. With masterclasses to attend and concoctions to try out, you’ll learn everything from chocolate’s origins to exactly how you get this sticky ingredient into a cocktail. We’re listening…

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Event Location: Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AS, UK

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