Harwich Sausage Festival

Sausage throwing spectacular

Date: 06 November 21 — 06 November 21 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

Come hither to the historic seaport of Harwich and witness the medieval* spectacle of sausage throwing, as grown men and women try to hurl seasoned pork projectiles as far as they can. Following on from this fabulous frivolity, three fantastic local inns throw open their doors for the gathered masses to test the wares of the finest butchers of the Tendring Hundred and determine the public’s favourite sausage, all washed down with the choicest real ales and ciders.
* might not actually be true.

The Sausages 2018
Here are is the secret sausage schema so if you came along on Saturday 3rd November 2018 you can find out who made your favourite sausage:

Frinton Road Butchers, Holland-on-Sea
D. Spence Family Butchers, Great Bentley
Warnes Butchers, Dovercourt and Parkeston (Innovation Class)
Chas Bower Butchers, Holland-on-Sea
Shaws Farm Meats, Dovercourt Market
Smiths Butchers, Brightlingsea
New Bell Inn, Harwich (Innovation Class)
Warnes Butchers, Dovercourt and Parkeston
Alma Inn, Harwich (Innovation Class)
Becky’s Butchers, Great Bromley
Ragmarsh Farm Shop, Manningtree
Page Butchers, Ramsey
The Winning Sausages 2018
Warnes Butchers of Dovercourt and Parkeston win the innovation Class with the New Bell in second place. The Butchers Class was won by Becky’s Butchers of Great Bromley, which was a pork and leek recipe, with Chas Bower Butchers of Holland-on-Sea in second place and Smiths Butchers of Brightlingsea in third.

Becky is our Overall Champion for 2018 and will be put forward for the national Champion of Champions competition in 2019.

The Throwing 2018
The throwing competition was won by current sausage throwing champion Todd Rothwell lobbing for the Alma Inn with his first throw of 152 feet and 6 inches. Second was James throwing for Warnes Butchers with a throw of 129 feet. Third was Mark throwing for Shaws Farm Meats of Dovercourt Market with a throw of 122 feet and 6 inches. This means that the Harwich sausage throwing record stands at 157 feet – set my champion lobber Todd in 2017.

The Timetable
This is how we roll – there may be slight variations due to enjoyment and downright tastiness.
11.00 Pre-meat at the Hanover Inn, Church Street CO12 3DR
11.30 Sausage Throwing Competition next to the Hanover Inn
12.00 – 14.30 Public Sausage Tasting at the Hanover Inn, New Bell Inn and Alma Inn
15.00 Winner of the Sausage Tasting is announced at the New Bell Inn

Additional Information

Event Location: 65 Church Street, Harwich CO12 3DR, UK

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