80th Anniversary Return to Dunkirk

Dover, Kent
21 May 20

The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

Date: 21 May 20 — 25 May 20 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

The Association plans to return to Dunkirk in May 2020 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Operation Dynamo. It is expected that around 50 Little Ships escorted by the RNLI and the Royal Navy will take part in the Return.

The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships has organised a Commemorative Return every five years, the first official ADLS Return taking place in 1975. Despite the average age of the Little Ships now being close to 85 years it is anticipated that this Return will be as well supported as ever. The task of taking this many elderly, traditional vessels across one of the world busiest shipping lanes is by no means insignificant. In fact the event is quite unique. With the exception of a small number of vessels that are operated by ‘Trusts’, all Little Ships are privately owned and receive no financial or other assistance from any public body or NGO.

At this stage plans are preliminary and this page will be updated regularly as the date of the event approaches. Check web site for up todate information !

21. May 2020 (All day) – 25. May 2020 (All day)

ADLS Boats Involved

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Event Location: Dover, UK

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