Dogdyke Steam Drainage Station Open days 2019

Tattershall, Lincolnshire
05 May 19
This event has ended.

Open days at this pumping station

Date: 05 May 19 — 06 October 19 | Report this event.

Entrance Price donations welcome Per person

Dogdyke is a land drainage pumping station. The steam engine was built in 1856 to replace an existing wind driven pump to drain a large area of farmland between the rivers Bain and Witham. The engine, which runs in steam on all Open Days, is the original, external condensing beam-engine built by Bradley and Craven of Wakefield. It is the only surviving engine by this builder and is possibly the oldest steam-driven scoop wheel land drainage pumping set in the country that is still in steam and in its original position. This is a 16-horse power steam engine driving a 24 foot (7.3m) diameter scoop wheel with wooden floats that can lift 25 tons (22.7tonnes) of water. It once lifted water from the lower drain into the River Witham, but now the water is channelled back into the drain.

1856 Bradley & Craven beam engine in steam, powering a scoop-wheel drainage pump, also a 1940 Ruston and Hornsby oil engine powering a centrifugal pump, and a small museum of drainage artefacts.

Open Days 2019

  • Sunday 5 May –12pm – 4.30pm
    Added attraction: Vintage and classic vehicles.
  • Sunday 2 June –12pm – 4.30pm
  • Saturday 6 July and Sunday 7 July* –12pm – 4.30pm
    Added attraction: Flower Festival both days.
  • Wednesday 17 July –5pm – 8pm
  • Sunday 4 August –12pm – 4.30pm
  • Thursday 15 August –5pm – 8pm
  • Sunday 1 September –12pm – 4.30pm
  • Saturday 14 September –12pm – 4.30pm
    Heritage Day*
  • Sunday 6th October –12pm – 4.30pm

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Additional Information

Event Location: Bridge Farm off A153, East of Tattershall Bridge Tattershall Lincolnshire LN44JG

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