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Shuttle Shuffle Festival

West Yorkshire
17 August 19
This event has ended.

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival is primarily a grassroots event that knits communities together through a mutual love of music, art and performance.

Date: 17 August 19 — 18 August 19 | Report this event.

Entrance Price £20 / £30 Per person

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival was created in February 2013 by a group of music lovers in Bradford, the idea was to create a culturally diverse festival that celebrated the vast local talent within the area and attract touring acts that rarely visited Bradford.
The business model for the project was in its most simplest of forms… create a Grassroots festival that would push the boundaries and give the good folk of Bradford something to be part of, and with a budget of ZERO………. this was going to be fun!

It’s an incredibly laid back gathering which is both family and disabled friendly.
This years festival will be held at multiple venues in Little Germany (Bradford), which during the 19th century was the centre of the international textile industry.


Artists confirmed for 2019 so far and just announced include:

– Verity White –

– The Senton Bombs –

– Nick Aslam –

– Ben Blue Waters –

– A Guy In A Band –

– Jess Gardham –

– One Sided Horse –

– Eduardo Niebla –

– Jesa –

– Nigel Clark (Dodgy) –

– Rory Hoy –

– Joe Solo –

The 2013 – 2016 Festivals were held at the legendary Factory Street Studios, which provided a selection of industrial mill type spaces, which gave the event a quite unique feel to it.
Factory Street was housed in a former textile mill which is how the Festival got its name, a shuttle being the device used in weaving to carry the weft, and associated with the continual to-and-fro motion………the shuffle!

Throughout those first few years relationships were built with several other like-minded projects that brought different ideas to the table. The Yorkshire Gig Guide, Eclectic Rhythm, Kultchad Live, The Piece Project, Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank and Salamander Brewery, have all played their part in ensuring the success of the festival. Some have since moved on to other things whilst others have remained and been joined by others and are all still part of the ongoing adventure.
This year’s festival is going to take place all around Little Germany, an area of particular historical and architectural interest in the city centre of Bradford. In its day this bustling hub was the trading heart of the world’s wool and textile industry. These deeply rooted links to the woollen industry and the Shuttle Shuffle name are important to our existence, and more importantly our continuation.The line-up for this year’s festival is as much about emerging talent as it is about established performers. We pride ourselves on bringing diverse and interesting bills to the heart of the city.

The Shuttle Shuffle is now run as a CIC project and commits its profits to supporting creative and innovative work both within the context of the annual festival and outside, through other partnerships and projects.

This year we have linked up with The White Ribbon UK Campaign which aims to end male violence against women and create safer music events where groping, verbal abuse, assaults and other forms of harassment are eradicated.

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival 2019 will take place on August 17th and 18th.

It’s been one hell of a journey so far and the festival has changed shape so many times along the way.
From operating out of the iconic Factory Street Studios, to moving to our new home in Little Germany, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be anything but boring!

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Event Location: Little Germany, Bradford, UK

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