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Swanage Blues Festival

Swanage, Dorset
05 March 20

Welcome to the Big Blues Parties on the South Coast!

Date: 05 March 20 — 08 March 20 | Report this event.

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5, 6, 7, 8 March 2020

Swanage Blues Festival started in 2001 as a birthday party and in 2007 developed into a ‘Pub Trail’ held twice a year in March and October to attract people into town when it would otherwise be very quiet. Admission is Free and some festival-goers voluntarily purchase a low price support wristband to help with costs towards the not-for-profit organisation that runs the event. The ‘Venues’ are nearly all small pubs and restaurants, a hotel bar, a British Legion club, two rooms in holiday parks and a golf club.

Unlike most festivals, where the organiser hires a site or a number of venues, here the venues are ‘hosts’ of the event. Almost all specifically request the same acts back again because they work well together, their customers want them, the musicians have become ‘part of the family’ and the venues know it will be another success financially. They don’t want to risk all that by getting rid of their regular bands to take a chance on someone else. Sometimes a venue may require a substitute band because the regular band isn’t available or (on rare occasions) didn’t reach the venue’s expectations last time. Even then, each venue has specific needs and knows exactly the type of act they want, and if the venue hasn’t a specific substitute in mind, there are dozens of bands on file from which to choose. There are many acts on the ‘reserve’ list that have played here previously or done particularly well at Stan’s Blues Jamboree or at open mic or jam sessions.

But does the system work? Well, some accommodation is booked up three years in advance – and according to our latest statistics, 50% of online purchasers of wristbands are repeat customers, so they must be happy to come back. The other 50% are new to Swanage Blues Festivals, which indicates sustainability.

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Event Location: Swanage, UK

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