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Allendale Tar Barrels

Allendale Town, Northumberland
31 December 19

A traditional New Years Eve Celebration

Date: 31 December 19 — 31 December 19 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

The town of Allendale in Northumberland celebrates every New Year with the unique Tar Bar’l Ceremony.  The celebration features a lively procession through the streets at midnight, with flaming tar barrels and a brass band.
The fiery procession is made up of 45 barrel carriers, known as ‘guisers’, all wearing special costumes.  The guisers carry whiskey barrels, filled with burning hot tar, through the streets of Allendale to the town centre.
The barrels are then used to ignite a ceremonial bonfire, known as the ‘Baal Fire’.  As the ceremonial fire is ignited everyone shouts “Be damned to he who throws last”.
Allendale’s Tar Barrel or Tar Bar’l Ceremony dates back to 1858, but its origins are unclear. It is thought by some to be of Pagan origin, and by some to be from carol singers who used the barrels to light their way instead of candles.
However it started, it certainly makes for a lively alternative to fireworks!

Procession starts a t 1130 in the town centre

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Event Location: Market Place, Allendale, Hexham, UK

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