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Burning the Clavie

Burghead, Grampian
11 January 20

A traditional fire festival

Date: 11 January 20 — 11 January 20 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

The Burning of the Clavie celebrates New Year’s Eve, old style, which falls on 11 January (unless 11 January is a Sunday, in which case the celebration is held on 10 January). The Clavie is a half-cask, mounted securely on a pole, and filled with staves of wood and inflammable liquid

The burning Clavie is carried through the streets of the town by the members of the Clavie Crew, who must be natives of the town to qualify. It is followed by a procession of hundreds of onlookers. On the route through the town, the Clavie Crew hands pieces of the Clavie – smouldering pieces of wood – to householders to ensure good luck for the ensuing year.

Finally the Clavie is carried to the top of the Doorie Hill and the pole is placed in a socket on top of the hill.


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Event Location: town centre burghead

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