Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling

Is this the year to take the plunge and go for it?

Date: 06 June 22 — 06 June 22 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

The event originally took place on Whit Monday, then being changed to the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Its believed origins come from a requirement for maintaining grazing rights on the common or it has is pagan origins for the custom of rolling objects down the hill.

It is believed bundles of burning brushwood were rolled down the hill to represent the birth of the New Year after winter, in addition with the traditional of scattering buns, biscuits and sweets at the top of the hill by the Master of Ceremonies, again to encourage the fruits of harvest.

Ever increasing in popularity, with contestants coming from all across the world to compete, or even simply to watch.

There is a history of people injuring themselves with fifteen people being hurt in 1993, four seriously, but it doesn’t stop the event being over subscribed each year.

Sunday, May 26, 2019 fun starts 12:00 pm : 2:00 pm but get there early for a good vantage spot.

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Event Location: Gloucester GL3 4SB, UK

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