Gawthorpe Coal Race

The 58th Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships!

Date: 05 April 21 — 05 April 21 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

The 58th Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships!
Adult Races start 11:30am at the Royal Oak Pub, Owl Lane, Gawthorpe Registration From 10:00am at the Boot and Shoe Pub, High Street, Gawthorpe
Easter Monday .
The event consists of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Fun Runs that take place every Easter Monday. Men carry 50kg of coal and women 20kg in weight. Adult races start from the Royal Oak public house, Owl Lane, Ossett and continue for a distance of 1012 metres to the finish line at the Maypole Green in Gawthorpe village. (Please note your time will be recorded when your sack of coal hits the green). Children’s Fun Run races start from the Darby and Joan, High Street, Gawthorpe and run a short distance of 150 meters (no coal carried). Race coaches are accepted for adult races but must not be on the road during the race and retire their help at the Boot and Shoe public house in Gawthorpe. Only runners should pass this point. This is to minimise the amount of people in the finish area and for the safety of contestants and spectators. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the runner in question.
PLEASE NOTE: Overall winners and places in all adult races will be decided by the fastest competitors across the individual races
Prize Money incentive boost if World Records are beaten! Potential Total £1,000 Men’s – £625 Women’s

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Event Location: royal oak pub owl lane gawthorpe uk

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