Traditional, Eccentric & British

The Druid Order

Tower Hill, Greater London
20 March 20

A traditonal ceremony in London

Date: 20 March 20 — 21 March 20 | Report this event.

Entrance Price free Per person

Attend a Druid ceremony to acknowledge the time of equal day and night and welcome Ceridwen, the earth Mother carrying the seeds for this year’s activity, with London’s Druid Order. This is followed by a talk, meditation and call for peace.

The traditional Druid welcome to mark the arrival of spring. Processing to the centre of Tower Hill, members of the Druid order form a circle and a make a call of peace to the four quarters (which represent the qualities of clarity, energy, stability and inspiration), before issuing a welcome to Ceridwen the Earth Mother and making a symbolic offering of seeds back to the earth, thus acknowledging the season’s potential for new growth and new beginnings.

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Event Location: london bounds pub

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